Philip Hammond attacks Tory general election campaign – BBC News

June 18, 2017

… conversations with Mrs May after the election, in which the Conservatives lost their Commons majority. Mr Hammond said the Tories should have focused more on their record of running Britain’s finances. “The end result is that in my judgement we did not talk about the economy as much we should have done.” Asked how long Mrs May had left in Number 10, Mr Hammond replied: “I think what the country needs now is a period of calm while we get on with the job at hand.” …


Hammond flexes muscles over Brexit – BBC News

June 16, 2017

… or no deal? It will be the first significant intervention in the Brexit debate by a member of the Cabinet since the election and Theresa May’s loss of authority. Mr Hammond backs a discussion around membership of the EU’s customs union even if that curtails Britain’s ability to sign free trade deals with other nations. Such a position could put him at odds with the International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox, who wants Britain to be free to sign new trade deals with non-EU …


Borough Market opens after London Bridge terror attack – BBC News

June 15, 2017

… in the country, with more than 100 stalls selling gourmet goods from both Britain and abroad. As well as selling food to take away, there are more than 30 bars, cafes and restaurants. It is a tourist attraction in its own right, attracting about five million visitors a year. The market and its surrounding streets have been used as film locations for such features as Bridget Jones’s Diary, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. London Bridge spans …


Election results 2017: May to finalise cabinet amid DUP talks – BBC News

June 10, 2017

… had a “strong relationship” and that she intended to form a government which could “provide certainty and lead Britain forward at this critical time for our country”. DUP leader Arlene Foster confirmed she had spoken to Mrs May and that they would speak further to “explore how it may be possible to bring stability to this nation at this time of great challenge”. Mrs May’s decision to seek a deal with the DUP has prompted concerns from some Tories. …


General election 2017: Security dominates campaigning – BBC News

June 6, 2017

… UKIP’s campaign continued, with leader Paul Nuttall saying that stopping would be “precisely what the extremists would want us to do”. Mr Nuttall appeared on a Question Time general election special on Sunday night, as did Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley, with security and terrorism both featuring heavily. Mr Nuttall called for 20,000 more police officers on UK streets, and for a review of funding of mosques in Britain, and Mr Bartley said the Prevent …


Reality Check: What is the Prevent strategy? – BBC News

June 5, 2017

… of Teachers and the Muslim Council of Britain. Some argue the strategy is counterproductive and it can make Islamic students, for example, feel isolated and possibly more open to radicalisation. Some people say that it can add to a general sense of distrust across communities. A former senior Muslim police officer, Dal Babu, said in 2015 that Prevent had become “tainted” and “toxic”. He argued that Muslim community organisations “have this Prevent [label] stamped on …


Election 2017 debate: Parties clash on Brexit – BBC News

June 1, 2017

… sell Welsh farmers down the river.” For UKIP, Welsh Assembly group leader Hamilton stressed that EU money is UK taxpayers’ money and after Brexit, Britain will be able to decide how to spend that money itself. “There is a massive Brexit dividend coming to us the moment we leave,” he said. “There will be plenty of money in the coffers in Whitehall.” Related Topics Conservative Party Alun Cairns Leanne Wood More From this publisher : HERE Recommended …


Has the North East forgotten Margaret Thatcher? – BBC News

The name doesn’t seem to mean much to them. It would have been a different story 36 years ago, when the Thatcher government closed Consett’s steel works, with the loss of 3,700 jobs. The devastation inflicted on this remote town high on the edge of the Pennines, where unemployment soared to 36%, made the national news and became a symbol of the harsh medicine the Thatcher government thought it had to administer to Britain’s heavy industries. It sowed the seeds for the …

May 21, 2017