Buying Whole Foods could be Amazon’s Waterloo

June 19, 2017

(CNN)When Jeff Bezos made his now-mythical car journey across the country to Seattle, he dreamed up the idea of an online store that could sell everything. The founder and chief executive of Amazon started with books, then moved into other products. The one sector of the retail market Amazon does not have a significant toe-hold in is the gigantic $800 billion a year grocery market. That is until now. With the deal to buy Whole Foods, the online retailer now has a small slice of the grocery …


Patagonia’s CEO Is Ready To Lead The Corporate Resistance To Trump

June 18, 2017

NEW YORK On a cloudy May morning, Rose Marcario, the chief executive of outdoor retailer Patagonia, stared out a second-story window of a Manhattan restaurant, watching construction workers jackhammer the street below. The workers made her think of her grandfather, an Italian immigrant who, after making it through Ellis Island in the 1920s, got his first job digging the streets of this city. He earned 10 cents a day and had to bring his own shovel. People regularly spat at him and sneered at …


Foreign Carmakers Invoke Reagan To Sway Trump On Trade

June 17, 2017

Most recently, leading Asian and European carmakers, most of whom have large U.S. workforces, released a video advertisement touting their contributions to the U.S. economy that makes the case for keeping international trade barriers low. Whats more, it explicitly emulates the famous Morning in America television spot from former Republican President Ronald Reagans 1984 re-election campaign. Employees disassemble a motor in the quality control department of the Toyota Motor Manufacturing …


Snapchat snaps startup to help it with location tracking

June 7, 2017

Image: DREW ANGERER/GETTY IMAGES Snap may have lost a bunch of money last quarter, and by a bunch we mean $2.2 billion. But it’s just a young company trying to build a sustainable business modeland that means adding some “creepy” advertising. SEE ALSO: Snapchat’s new ‘limitless’ snaps will change everything Placed, its latest acquisition first reported by GeekWire Monday and confirmed to Mashable by Snap, may help on that mission. The Seattle-based startup …


Anita Borg Institute ends Uber partnership over Uber’s treatment of women

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.Image: Will Oliver/Epa/REX/Shutterstock Uber’s actions are having real consequences. The Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology ended a partnership with Uber over allegations of the ride-hailing giant’s treatment of women employees. “This is a rare step for us, but we felt compelled to take action in light of the many serious accusations Uber faces regarding the treatment of women employees,” the institute wrote in a press release …

May 27, 2017

Glitch hits Pension Regulator website – BBC News

One business owner told the BBC he had been trying to register since Monday, but that the server had been down since then. His deadline is less than a week away. Small and micro businesses – those with between one and 49 employees – are having to sign up for auto enrolment pensions. Under the law, anyone who pays an employee over the age of 22 more than 10,000 a year has to provide a pension. In a statement the the Pensions Regulator said: “We are aware of a technical …

May 26, 2017

Government review to order zero-hours contracts overhaul – BBC News

In its submission to the Taylor review, the CBI also said that all employees should have their terms and conditions set out in a written statement. The new “right to request” fixed hours could be used by some of the 900,000 people on zero-hours contracts, a number that has risen from 143,000 in 2008. The contracts have been attacked for allowing some firms to keep people in insecure work, depress wages and deny people their full employee rights. …

May 23, 2017

Elon Musk’s Twitter feed is the one you need to pay attention to

Image: Vicky Leta/Mashable When you hear about Twitter these days, chances are it’s because of the latest dispatches from our bombastic, erratic Tweeter-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump. The President’s use of the platform is unprecedented, and he might even be the driving force in its sudden growth spurt last quarter. But his tweets for all the @replies, news stories, and perhaps investigations they’ve inspired are really just the sideshow. There’s another Twitter user whose …

May 20, 2017

Trump Finds It Harder To Recruit Talent As His Scandals Pile Up

WASHINGTON A White House in a downward spiral, as a key Republican senator called it, is making an already daunting task even harder: persuading qualified candidates to take important administration jobs. Hundreds of key posts at the Department of Defense and the State Department remain unfilled heading into the fifth month of Donald Trumps presidency because of his insistence on personally approving all top hires. And the hiring crunch started before the most recent stretch of controversy …

May 17, 2017