A warning to Washington from Kansas

June 17, 2017

… rhetoric and a spreadsheet of line items when roads start crumbling and school doors start closing. More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsSyndication Kingpin IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 (Also Known as Syndication Kingpin) is the best syndication training in the market!Credi Response Reseller Credi Response is a SAAS that lets you send an automated response to anyone who comments on your Facebook fan page post.Keyword Suggestion NOVA Keyword Suggestion NOVADescriptomatic Pro …


Why do we spend less on Father’s Day than Mother’s Day? – BBC News

June 15, 2017

So why do we spend more on our mums? Image copyright Truefitt & Hill Image caption Sales of male grooming products rise ahead of Father’s Day “Retailers have long made a big push on Mother’s Day because demand for gift-giving was strong, and Father’s Day more of an afterthought,” he says. With traditional gender roles continue to break down, and fathers are doing more housework and hands-on parenting “it is not surprising to see more emphasis on …


BA delays: Automatic compensation urged by consumer group – BBC News

June 4, 2017

Under EU law, passengers can claim compensation from BA for travel disruption, worth up to 600 euros (524). They can also claim expenses for items such as hotels, meals and phone calls – a matter that led to a dispute with insurers during the week. Automatic compensation Which? said the airline sector was out of step with other service industries. In a letter to BA chief executive Alex Cruz, Alex Neill from Which? wrote: “You have ‘profusely’ apologised to passengers, …


25 awesome pins to prove that your soul belongs to food

May 30, 2017

… food pins you can purchase on the internet. Why? Because pins are making a huge comeback. And we just discussed how food is probably the best part of 2017, food and dogs. So please, enjoy these small enamel versions of some food items we all love. 1. Sriracha hot sauce pin Image: strange ways No other condiment has a more passionate and dedicated fanbase than sriracha. If you love it, you are ride or die. You put it on everything, because food without sriracha doesn’t even count as …