Portugal fire leaves 57 people dead, dozens injured

June 18, 2017

(CNN)A raging wildfire killed 57 people and injured dozens more in Portugal, with some victims burned to death in their cars as they tried to flee, officials said. Some victims got stuck in their cars and on the side of the road in what officials described as the “greatest wildfire tragedy of recent years.” The blaze spread Saturday onto Pedrogao Grande town, forcing residents to try and leave the town to escape towering flames. …


Taking his own path: The world’s leading maze designer – BBC News

June 5, 2017

And there seems to be no job too small, or too outlandish, as his work ranges from tiny finger mazes that you can trace with a single digit, to an entire side of the 210m (689ft) tall Al Rostamani Maze Tower that was completed in Dubai in 2011. But how do you ever become a maze designer? For Mr Fisher it was a lucky turn in the maze we all walk through in life. Image copyright Adrian Fischer Image caption He designs everything from finger mazes to giant cornfield mazes Over the past …


6 Relaxation Hacks For People Who Hate Meditating

June 1, 2017

… great for the anxiety-prone, because it allows you to focus on your breathing and body without getting stuck in your head. If youre new to yoga, I highly recommend starting with Lesley Fightmasters online videos. It may sound simple, but similar to yoga, walking outside (without your phone) allows you to refocus your anxious energy on a physical act and take in the world around you. Heres a great way to start, courtesy of psychotherapist Melissa Divaris Thompson: 4. Singing, humming and …


BA flight disruption at Heathrow set for third day – BBC News

May 29, 2017

… to cry’ BA added: “At Heathrow, we have operated virtually all our scheduled long-haul flights, though the knock-on effects of Saturday’s disruption resulted in a reduced short-haul programme. “We apologise again to customers for the frustration and inconvenience they are experiencing and thank them for their continued patience.” One of the affected passengers is Ian Sanderson who is stuck in-transit in London after setting off from his home in Luxembourg to …


British Airways cancels almost all flights out of London after worldwide IT outage

British Airways faced a major IT outage and airport chaos on Saturday.Image: WILL OLIVER/EPA/REX/Shutterstock Technology isn’t going so well for British Airways. The airline suffered a major IT outage on Saturday and canceled all its flights leaving from London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports before 6 p.m. local time. Outside of London, British Airways passengers faced extreme delays and were stuck on the tarmac for hours. “The terminals at Heathrow and Gatwick have become …

May 28, 2017

Child Therapist Gives Gorgeous Explanation Of What Good Parenting Looks Like

On Sunday, popular blogger and author Constance Hall posted a photo of herself with her kids at a restaurant on Facebook. A couple of weeks ago a child therapist that I know looked at my kids and said, Youre such a good mum, she wrote in the caption. The therapists reply stuck with her: With that statement, Hall said she started to feel like a good mom again. The mother concluded her post by urging her fellow parents to take deep breaths and remember they are doing a good job as well. …

May 24, 2017

Elon Musk’s Twitter feed is the one you need to pay attention to

… into his mind. Can you imagine Tim Cook crowdsourcing the name of an Apple venture, like Musk did for his Boring Company’s tunneling machine? In fact, that company probably wouldn’t even exist without Twitter can you imagine anyone else launching a major endeavor as a follow-up to a stream-of-consciousness tweetstorm about being stuck in traffic? When Musk tweets, the tech and business worlds stop to check the timeline. Some of Tesla’s factory employees have publicly raised …

May 20, 2017