Philip Hammond attacks Tory general election campaign – BBC News

June 18, 2017

… conversations with Mrs May after the election, in which the Conservatives lost their Commons majority. Mr Hammond said the Tories should have focused more on their record of running Britain’s finances. “The end result is that in my judgement we did not talk about the economy as much we should have done.” Asked how long Mrs May had left in Number 10, Mr Hammond replied: “I think what the country needs now is a period of calm while we get on with the job at hand.” …


Theresa May: 10 reasons why the PM blew her majority – BBC News

June 14, 2017

… traditional Labour areas, which Mrs May was banking on to win a big majority. Like the social care U-turn, or the pledge to bring back grammar schools, it may have given anyone flirting with backing the Tories for the first time in their lives a reason not to switch their vote. 10) Events Theresa May wanted the election to be about Brexit but the terror attacks in Manchester and London changed the course of the campaign. Suddenly it was all about security and anti-terror policy. This should have …


Election results 2017: May to finalise cabinet amid DUP talks – BBC News

June 10, 2017

A number of high-profile government figures have already confirmed they are keeping their jobs in the wake of an election that saw the Tories lose 13 seats. Live updates and rolling coverage Who are the DUP? Can a Conservative and DUP pact work? Q&A: What is a hung parliament? How do minority governments work? Philip Hammond will stay as chancellor, Boris Johnson will remain as foreign secretary and Amber Rudd – narrowly re-elected as an MP after a recount – will continue …


News Daily: General election special – BBC News

June 9, 2017

… And in Wales, Labour has passed the 25 seats it won at the last general election, with Plaid Cymru set to keep its three seats. Analysis: What next for Theresa May? By Laura Kuenssberg, political editor The conversations have started not just about whether the Tories will be able to form a government, but whether or not Theresa May can stay in her job. There is no one prevailing mood inside the Tory party. As I write, Mrs May is holed up with her advisers inside Tory HQ, but former minister Anna …


General election 2017: Security dominates campaigning – BBC News

June 6, 2017

… companies want to do it,” she told BBC Radio 4’s Today. Analysis – BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg Voters choose their political parties for all sorts of different reasons. But as this strange election hurtles towards its close, the demand of who can keep the country safe is firmly on the table. For Theresa May that doesn’t just mean questions over how she would counter extremism if she stays in power. She faces criticism too over the Tories’ record on …


Is Scotland on the cusp of a Tory resurgence? – BBC News

June 2, 2017

The Lib Dems were knocked into third place and the Tories were beaten by only 328 votes. So this is their top target seat in Scotland. Many of the team said they were probably going to vote Tory. But they seemed much more motivated by trying to unseat the SNP than they were enthused by Tory policies. “I’ll be voting Tory to keep the SNP out,” says Dougie Wilson. “The majority of people down here don’t want independence. So it will have to be a tactical …


Election 2017 debate: Parties clash on Brexit – BBC News

June 1, 2017

… Leaders’ Debate as it happened Senior Tories row ahead of debate Watch again on the BBC iPlayer Responding, Plaid’s leader told the Conservative AM: “People are looking for leadership. They want to understand the plans of all of our parties, yet the Tories to failed to send their leaders to debate and to be scrutinised. “Why? Because it is not easy for them to defence their toxic policies.” Carwyn Jones said Labour accepted the result of the referendum, but has …


Has the North East forgotten Margaret Thatcher? – BBC News

… electoral wipe out the Conservatives would experience across large parts of Northern England and Scotland, which it still trying to recover from today. Thatcher and “the Tories” remain dirty words to the former steel workers in Consett but few young people I spoke to could recognise her and those that did regarded her as a distant historical figure. Image caption Alex Blackham: ‘May is the only person for the job’ She will have experienced at first hand how …

May 21, 2017