Donald Trump Feeds Into Conspiracy Theory About His Presidency With New Quote!

But it’s only Thursday.

So Trump kept the streak alive by giving a very telling answer in a forum with millennials. Watch:

Anyway, this is the latest piece of evidence to support a very particular theory about Trump — that he never wanted to be President.

It’s an odd one, but the theory goes that Trump would use the increased notoriety of a presidential run to start his own cable network called Trump TV. After saying in the last couple weeks of the election that it was rigged, he would continue that thread with a bunch of programs attacking Hillary Clinton. It’s big business. Ask Fox News.

Ultimately, then it wouldn’t matter what help he got from Russia. After all, who looks into the particulars of a failed campaign?

(Yes, this is basically the plot of The Producers. Trump was pulling a Bialystock and Bloom on America.)

The main evidence theorists have is Fire And Fury, in which it’s said Trump “looked as if he’d seen a ghost” on election night. Michael Wolff‘s controversial book also paints a portrait of a furious Melania Trump, to whom Donald swore he wouldn’t win. The man’s sourcing is sketchy, but it does fit with Melania’s behavior over the past year.

Of course, we’ve also heard time and again Trump complaining about the job, calling the White House a “dump”, not reading his intelligence briefings, playing golf more than any president ever, etc.

Just a LOT of evidence he hates the job.

He certainly seems to want to keep the presidency, that much seems clear! Or maybe it’s just that the alternative is prison now…

Anyway, just a theory we heard. That’s all. Tell us what YOU think!

[Image via NBC News/Twitter.]

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