Donald Trump May Have Broken The Law For The Dumbest Reason Possible!

Looks like Donald Trump might have driven himself into yet another legal mess — this time, for the dumbest, Trump-iest reason possible!

It’s being reported that POTUS may have broken the law by ordering dozens of golf tee markers with the presidential seal of the United States on them.

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This poses a problem for Donny, as federal law states that the seal of the president can ONLY be used for official government affairs and, if used incorrectly, could result in a penalty of up to six months in jail.

While former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush both put the presidential seal on specially made golf balls, Trump’s tee marker situation is different because the seal is being used by a private company.

Eagle Sign and Design, the sign and metalworking company hired to create the markers, would not reveal who had placed the order.

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However, ProPublica reported that an order form listed the customer as “Trump International” — yes, the family business currently being run by tweedle dee and tweedle dullard, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump.

So, while the legal ramifications for this wouldn’t land the President behind bars, a Trump boy might actually get in jail time — all over a fucking golf tee! Ha!

[Image via Media Punch.]

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