Experts Believe That The Great Pyramid Of Giza Is Hiding A Huge Secret

The Great Pyramid of Giza is one which has fascinated observers and scholars for generations. The pyramid which is celebrated as one of the most spectacular feats in architectural history is only one edifice within a larger complex. In addition to the Great Sphinx – a sculpture with the head of a human and the body of a lion – the Giza complex comprises three large pyramids. Each of these was built for a Pharoah between 2589 BC and 2504 BC and the pyramids are named for these kings -Menjaure, Khafre and Khufu. The Khufu pyramid is the largest of the three and the pyramid commonly referred to as “Great”. It is the northernmost and oldest of the three pyramids. It was completed in around 2560BC and stood about 146 metres high making it the tallest man-made structure in the world for more than 3,800 years.2.3 million blocks of stone are believed to have been cut, transported, and assembled to build it and it is thought to weigh around 5.75-million-tons.

Exactly how these structures were erected continues to be a cause for debate, as the sheer scale of manpower and technical knowhow required at a time when such resources are thought to have been unavailable continues to confound many.As a result, the Great Pyramid lies at the centre of several theories – most of which are yet to be confirmed by academia, science and/or mainstream archeology. One of these is the suggestion that extraterrestrial intelligence is responsible for the advanced nature of these buildings. Another is that the pyramid contains several formulae and equations within its dimensions. From calculations of the earth’s axes to mathematical figures like the value of Pi, several investigators have hypothesised that the pyramid’s measurements are scale representations of several scientific facts. However, this was debunked in 1992 by Dutchastrophysicist Cornelis de Jager, who derived the speed of light and the distance between the Earth and Sun from the measurements of a bicycle in order to show that any figures can be calculated using the dimensions of any object. However, a recent secret which has been unveiled is less likely to be debunked as it represents the culmination of archeological investigation and cutting-edge technology. Scientists now believe that there is a hidden recess within the Khufu Pyramid and they could be about to pinpoint exactly where it is. Through work carried out duringa project called ScanPyramids, scientists have worked to identify the exact location of this secret chamber and they believe they are close.The new cavity would not be an out-of-place find as the pyramid is a complex network of rooms and chambers.Infra-red thermography and muography are being used to locate this void. Thermography is a scanning technique that detects the heat given off by objects, while muography picks up particles called muons that are produced when cosmic rays smash into the Earths atmosphere. Muography has already been used to find hidden tunnels within another pyramid – the Bent pyramid located 25 miles south of Cairo. It is hoped that the discovery of this new layer will open doors in the investigation into the legendary Queen Nefertiti’s final resting place. Some scholars believe she is buried in a hidden location within the boy king Tutankhamun’s tomb, but many disagree with this assertion. As the work of the ScanPyramid team continues, it is clear that the Ancient Egyptians and the many enduring mysteries about their society and legacy will continue to fascinate us for a long time to come. H/T: Smithsonian magazine

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