Game Of Thrones Cast Reveal How They Know When A Character Is Going To Be Killed Off

There comes a time in every actor’s career where their character will get killed off, it’s just the nature of the job. At some point your time will come, and your character, who you have spent months and years putting your everything into, will be killed. The show will move on as if you never existed, and your role will simply go down as a bit of history on your IMDb page.

For actors in the hit series, Game of Thrones, death could literally be right around the corner, such is the frequency in which they kill off their main characters. The seemingly random and unpredictable nature of the killings in GoT means that you can now place bets on who is going to die, and when in the series it will go down. While the first few series were based on the books, making it obvious who was set to pop their clogs next, the new scripts have moved beyond the literature and it is now up to David Benioff and D.B Weiss to choose who goes and when. Jessica Henwick, the actress who plays the part of Nymeria, was one of the more recent deaths in the show and has revealed how the cast can tell if they’re about to be written out of the series. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Henwick explains that when you receive a call from Benioff and Weiss, your time is most likely up and reveals how the conversation between her and them went down. “I was in New York filmingIron Fistand I got a call from [showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss], the double Ds. As soon as you hear that more than one of them is on the call you know what that means. If its just one theyre probably talking about the story. But if its both of them then youknow.” Henwick was filming the Iron Fist movie at the time, which complicated her availability for the show, however Marvel were understanding and let her leave to finish her storyline in GoT: “They told me whats going to happen and said, Wed really love for you to come back. But at that point and time, I wasnt able to do it. My schedule clashed. I was filmingIron Fistfor six-to-seven months and they wouldnt give me the time off. The Ds pitched me the story and said, Its really important that you come back otherwise your character will just disappear and fans will never get a resolution. The show was so massive for me in terms of my career and building my profile and as an experience in itself, I wanted to see it through to the end. I went and spoke to Marvel and I managed to get a release on two weekends.” Henwick said she was surprised at the brutality of her character’s exit, but that she is glad that fans had a resolution as to what happened to her, rather than just disappearing from the show with no explanation whatsoever. Being an actor in GoT must be great, but it also must be terrifying as it seems like you literally have no job security in the slightest. If you’re still after your GoT fix for today, why not check out these 25 Game of Thrones memes that are sure to make any fan cry with laughter.

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