God’s Very Own Kim Davis Chronicles Her Battle Against ‘Fist-Pounding Homosexual Men’ In Wretched New Book!

Never judge a book by its cover… unless it’s one featuring a hateful, self-righteous troll bent on a mission to vilify the gay community.

The recurrent cancer that is Kim Davis is back with a new book, which details her journey of being jailed for defying a U.S. federal court order to issue marriage license to same sex couples in August 2015.

And yes, the former Rowan County Clerk touts herself as the god-fearing hero who bravely fought against the malevolent gays in the must-not-read scripture, aptly titled Under God’s Authority: The Kim Davis Story.

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According to Kentucky.com, the text chronicles Davis’ “dramatic encounters with furious, fist-pounding, homosexual men and the hate mail that flooded her office.”

The horror! Let’s not forget about all the *angry shoe tapping* and bitchy one liners — like, for example, how she looks like a Cracker Barrel that came to life.

In addition to giving readers a “behind-the-scenes of the unlikely saga that took America by storm in 2015,” the book will explore:

“How God transformed [Davis’] life in 2011, why she almost retired in 2014, and how she knew — six months before the U.S. Supreme Court’s disastrous 2015 same-sex ‘marriage’ opinion — she was headed for jail.”

We guess it glosses over Davis’ own four marriages?

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The Orlando-based Liberty Counsel, which defended Davis in her legal battles, is promoting and selling the book. According to a spokesperson, all proceeds from the book will be going to the Liberty Counsel — though critics are advising Davis to rethink that deal.

Chris Hartman, director of the Fairness Campaign, said the book should be titled “Kim Davis’ Cost to Kentucky Taxpayers” — referring to a federal judge’s ruling that Kentucky taxpayers owe about $225,000 in legal fees from the couples who sued the defiant Davis.

The book was co-authored by Davis and two Liberty Counsel officials; John Aman and Mat Staver. It also contains a foreword written by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, because of fucking course it does.

Under God’s Authority is being sold for $25, if you want to purchase some expensive toilet paper.

P.S. This reminds us of all the other “notables” whose names we wish we didn’t know!

[Image via Liberty Counsil.]

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