J.K. Rowling has a theory for why Trump is constantly tweeting

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President Donald Trump has been on a roll recently when it comes to tweeting offensive, nonsensical thoughts early in the morning.

After another week of sexist insults, media-bashing, and voter fraud paranoia on Twitter, J.K. Rowling came up with one explanation for our new presidential reality.

Yep: maybe Trump is just drunk all the time? There’s one flaw in that theory, though. Trump doesn’t drink. Based on that long-held Trump lore, every tweet sent by Trump is sent sober.

So much for that one. The Trump news that inspired Rowling to imagine some sort of explanation for the president’s behavior was his commentary while he signed an executive order reviving the National Space Council on Friday.

Clearly, Trump didn’t know that “infinity and beyond” was an astronaut catchphrase, and instead pontificated on what infinity actually is.

Maybe he’s just high?

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