Bond film delayed again after Daniel Craig hurt

Shooting suspended after star injured his ankle, adding another setback for the spy franchise Production on the latest Bond film has been delayed again, after star Daniel Craig injured his ankle while filming an action sequence in Jamaica. in 2006 he had two teeth knocked out while making Casino Royale, hurt his knee in 2015 during the shoot for Spectre. Phoebe Waller-Bridge. It is not thought that Craigs injury will affect the films opening date. Originally scheduled for release in November 2019, the film is now due to premiere in April 2020.

Anna Sorokin proves were all soft touches for glamour scammers | Rebecca Nicholson

Theres a reason why the story of the sham heiress is fascinating in our phoney world any one of us could be conned On Thursday, in a New York courtroom, Anna Sorokin was report from 2018 was optioned for Netflix; a Fyre festival to Thanos), tales of people promising something they could never, or never intended to, deliver are everywhere. It is surely just a matter of time before Netflix creates a glamour scammers category, on a par with understated TV dramas featuring a strong female lead or, as I found when scrolling last week, sparking joy, which perhaps reveals more about my algorithms than I should be comfortable with. I used to think that the appeal of such stories …