Louis Theroux: Surviving Americas Most Hated Family review a deeply uncomfortable watch

This follow-up film about the supremely intolerant Westboro Baptist church finds plenty to be outraged by, but it also veers into exploitation Just as you did with his previous visits, you need to brace yourself before watching Louis Therouxs return to Topeka, Kansas to see how the Westboro Baptist church the folk who picket US soldiers funerals with placards reading God Hates Fags in protest at their countrys tolerance of homosexuality are getting on. 2007 and Original Article : HERE ;

From Serial to Bryan Singer: why Amy Berg is the documentarian to fear

She has tackled injustice and abuse in the film industry and the Catholic church. The Oscar-nominated director reveals why she is telling the shocking story hit podcast Serial failed to cover The Maryland court of appeals this month decision to grant Adnan Syed a new trial for the murder of his former girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. The story of Syeds conviction in 2000 was brought to the worlds attention by the podcast was a phenomenon and an unprecedented hit. In 2017, the producers revealed that its episodes had been downloaded over 175m times. Its release coincided with the beginning of the appeals process for Syed, and the decision to deny him a new trial appears to have blindsided everyone involved. …