Im A Woman Who Has It All, Heres How I Get It Done Every Day (Im Dying Inside)

January 10, 2018

… loved Marie Kondo’s book, any woman who is younger and hotter than me). As I’m eating, I extract a small part of my soul and Venmo it to Satan himself. Ladies, you can’t have it all unless you are literally working with the devil! . I massage thousands of dollars’ worth of beauty products into my tired, sagging flesh. I smile in my vanity mirror as I do this, showing off my fake, perfect teeth. I have fake teeth because I ground my real ones down to the gum from stress. …


The Ten Worst Things Scott Pruitts EPA Has Already Done

January 7, 2018

… run by pesticide manufacturers. The effects of these close contacts have been obvious.Sometimes, theyve been plums handed out to specific companies, like the aforementioned Devon Energy, which had agreed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties for illegally emitting 80 tons of toxic pollution each yearuntil Pruitt simply voided the settlement and let it go with a slap on the wrist. More often, the effects are far broader… 4. Regulatory Rollback Pruitts EPA has eliminated …


AT&T Will Give Workers $1,000 Bonuses to Celebrate the Tax Bill

January 5, 2018

AT&T Inc., the phone carrier locked in a battle with the U.S. government over its Time Warner Inc. acquisition, lauded President gutted utility-style regulations for internet service providers. AT&T has an immediate financial incentive to persuade the Justice Department to end the Time Warner suit instead of slogging through months of legal wrangling. A settlement would let AT&T avoid paying hundreds of millions of dollars in fees to creditors to amend the terms of bonds issued to …


Dominate social media in 2 clicks with done-for-you social media content using Quatomator

November 28, 2017

… phenomenon that’s laser-focused, short and to the point. A little known secret to getting immediate customer attention to making sales, effortlessly. It’s why social media rebooted with remarketing to consistently remain in front of your audience. It’s why social advertising has skyrocketed to $31 BILLION dollars in just a few short years! It’s where everyone is today and all it takes is a “quote” to get the attention YOU need. Here’s how: Dominate social media in 2 clicks …