Alyssa Milano calls for sex strike as protest over Republican abortion laws

Actor provokes storm with call to regain bodily autonomy as GOP-held legislatures push laws amid quest to overturn Roe v Wade The actor Alyssa Milano ignited a social media storm with a call for women to join her in a sex strike, to protest against cardiac activity is detected Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific

Tunisia invokes sharia law in bid to shut down LGBT rights group

Judicial harassment and rise in arrests under anti-sodomy law add to climate of tension and fear One of the Arab worlds most visible advocacy groups defending the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people is facing closure following legal threats by the government. infamous article 534 criminalises unnatural sexual acts but some level of activism is tolerated. The Lebanese indie rock band Mashrou Leila has a Muslim and openly gay frontman, and Helem, community centre operates openly, although it is not officially registered.

Robinson Crusoe at 300: why its time to let go of this colonial fairytale

Defoes book has inspired novels, Hollywood movies and games but the shipwrecked slave-trader should never have become a role model In February 1719, two months before the publication of South Sea Company founded just eight years earlier to manage the national debt and awarded a contract to supply the Spanish colonies in Latin America with several thousand African slaves per year should oversee the founding of a British colony at the mouth of the River Orinoco on the coast of present day Venezuela. The government would be required to furnish six Men of War, and 4000 regular Troops, with some Engineers and 100 pieces of Cannon, and military Stores in Proportion for the maintaining and supporting the Design, but the …

Pete Davidson is dating an older woman – why is the world shocked?| Arwa Mahdawi

Misogyny is behind the criticism of the Saturday Night Live comedians relationship with Kate Beckinsale Quiz time! Put your calculators away, please, I have a maths problem designed to test every inch of your natural intelligence. Ready? Here we go: Pete Davidson is a 25-year-old comedian. He is dating Kate Beckinsale, a 45-year-old actor. Whats their age difference? Twenty years? Wrong. The correct answer, judging from popular responses, is: Too many years to be acceptable. While society takes older men hooking up with younger women for granted, we still seem to have a lot of hang-ups about women dating younger guys. There is a one-word explanation for this: misogyny. Davidson has addressed such double standards head-on. eople have a crazy …