Streaming: is the Brazilian film Araby the movie of the decade?

A Brazilian road movie thats been wowing critics for two years finally makes its UK debut I was late getting to this weeks selected film though not as late as film distributors in the UK: it has never been picked up for a cinema or even a DVD release. For more than two years, respected colleagues have been talking up the merits of declare it the best film of this fast-closing decade. Having missed it on its year-long festival run in 2017, I waited for a chance to see it on a big screen. That chance hasnt come, but Mubi has, as it so often does, stepped into the breach. Araby is streaming for free on FestivalScope until the end …

Oldboy review a beautifully blood-spattered modern classic

Limbs, teeth and live octopuses all come in for unblinkingly brutal treatment in Park Chan-wooks stunning revenge epic Sixteen years ago, Park Chan-wook gave us this gobsmackingly horrible but demonically inspired thriller, based on the Japanese manga by Nobuaki Minegishi and Garon Tsuchiya, which came to epitomise the Asia extreme genre: a new frontier of extravagantly violent craziness. Since then, Park has advanced creatively by retreating into more conventional forms, most prominently with his masterly Sympathy Lady Vengeance (2005). The film has consolidated its cult status, more or less undamaged by Watch the trailer for Oldboy – video