This New Study Reveals The Scientific Way To Tell If Someone Has Cheated On You

Have you ever questioned if your partner has cheated on you? The likely answer, is yes. The fear has plagued us all and manifested into some rather questionable behaviour. However, there is now no need to stalk your other halves movements on Instagram, (who is @blondegirl1993?), because a scientific study has deciphered the ultimate way to discover the truth, without demanding a lie detector test.

The study, which may put Jerry Springer out of business, gathered 152 undergraduate students, 64 men and 88 women who all identified as heterosexual, to take part in the analysis. The students, who were all aged 18-32, were required to carefully listen to recordings of other peoples voices to try and decipher if they had cheated in a relationship or not, based on the tone of their voice. The people in the recordings were all in monogamous relationships, but half had admitted to being adulterous, whilst the other half were firmly committed. To control the experiment, all of those in the recordings were white and heterosexual, thus ensuring that they all sounded as similar as possible. Then, to further control the experiment, the conductors distorted the pitch. Then, those listening to the recordings were asked to rate from one to ten, how likely they thought it was that the voice they were hearing belonged to a cheater. As the results were collated, the researchers were surprised by what they discovered. Had they just found the perfect way to catch a cheater? The study’s authors, Susan Hughes and Marissa Harrison explained their findings, saying: “Evidence suggests that many physical, behavioral, and trait qualities can be detected solely from the sound of a person’s voice, irrespective of the semantic information conveyed through speech.” In simple terms, this means that you can basically detect a cheater from the tone of their voice. Hughes told The Washington Post, that women with low voices are deemed “sexier” and more “flirtatious”, which likely explains why men in the study found that women with lower voices were more likely to cheat. However, whilst, Hughes and Harrison are confident in their findings, they are also aware that there are limitations: “While we cannot exactly pinpoint all the features about a voice that our perceptual system is using to make this assessment, we know that pitch plays a role, but does not represent the entire picture.” However, they did speculate that there are many signals in speech, which we can use to determine infidelity. For example, extroverts, who are more likely to cheat, speak with fewer pauses and conversationally vary in pitch. So, the next time you suspect your significant other of being dishonest, all you need to request is that they count from one to 10, and listen intently for the pitch. Or, you know, you could just keep it old school and look at their texts whilst they’re in the shower. Once you have discovered their dirty secret, you can then plan your revenge. This husband executed an outrageous stunt on his cheating wife, that will leave you cringing and uncomfortable…

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